Saturday, May 3, 2008


8:04:20 PM Bombajio: GTA nelja tahaks
8:04:37 PM Tiiu: ma tõmbasin goldfrappi plaadi
8:05:23 PM Bombajio: Ja see näeb nii ilus välja!
8:05:41 PM Bombajio: Stealing a parked car can no longer be done simply by opening the door and driving off. Now, it involves Niko approaching the car, breaking the glass, and hotwiring it; only then can he use it. -- and that is awesome!
8:06:08 PM Tiiu: ohh :D
8:06:23 PM Bombajio: When driving or riding in a car the player is able to smash the window, free-aim, and fire out of the vehicle with several different weapons.[38]
8:06:46 PM Bombajio: Niko can dial 911 to call the police for them to arrest an enemy/pedestrian that is fighting/shooting at him, or just to trick them into wasting resources on a false alarm
8:07:09 PM Tiiu: it amuses me et selle mehe nimi on niko
8:07:16 PM Tiiu: meie inglise k õp on ka niko
8:07:25 PM Bombajio: ta on Serbiast :D
8:07:33 PM Bombajio: It follows Niko Bellic, a Serbian veteran of the Bosnian War[13] who comes to the United States in search of the "American Dream", only to find his cousin has lied about the wealth that was promised to be awaiting him.
8:07:43 PM Tiiu: ei loe
8:07:44 PM Tiiu: niko on niko :D
8:07:49 PM Bombajio: :D
8:08:48 PM Bombajio: see on PS3le ja XBox360le :(
8:08:52 PM Bombajio: we don't have neither, goddamn.
8:09:03 PM Tiiu: aww
8:09:48 PM Bombajio: Mothers Against Drunk Driving sharply criticized an in-game option that allows players to drive while intoxicated and called for a stricter rating on the game that would effectively ban its sale in the United States.
8:09:59 PM Bombajio: oh god, i want that game so bad
8:10:38 PM Tiiu: haa :D
8:10:53 PM Tiiu: kas see teeb siis reageerimise aeglasemaks ka? :D
8:11:02 PM Bombajio: ma ei kujuta ette, aga m aloodan küll .
8:11:03 PM Bombajio: :D
8:11:20 PM Tiiu: a la vajutad nuppe aga veitsa läheb aega enne kui t amõikab
8:11:55 PM Bombajio: jep
8:12:02 PM Bombajio: või siis vision oleks nagu siuke hazy-blurry :D
8:12:04 PM Bombajio: see oleks nii cool
8:12:18 PM Tiiu: mhm :D
8:12:18 PM Tiiu: topelt :D


SteamyAfrican said...

Eva, ma ei tahaks sind küll õrritada aga ma olen seda juba mänginud :D
Suht lahe asi jah (Y) :D

Mylo said...

san andreases sai ühes kohas savuse peaga sõita hipibussiga. pilt ujus ees ja mingid värvid virvendasid... sweet!