Monday, July 16, 2007


Hendrik nuttis ja ma otsustasin no okei kirjutan peost. A ma ei viitsi uuesti kirjutada, nii et copy-paste ühest väiksemast foorumist teemast "What did you do last night?" mõne lisatud kommentaari javõi featurega.
Guest list: Tiiu, Hendrik, Kaspar, Helena, Anette, Morten, Grete

Well, my mom and dad and brothers left for Saaremaa last night and the house was ALL MINE. What did I do? A tiny party-sorta-thing : D It turned out great and everybody seemed to have fun!

At first I was afraid that such a small amount of people would be boring and people would get bored fast. Boy, was I wrong! At first yeah, we sat around the table and ate and nothing really happened. But as the night progressed we set up the hookah(I AM ADDICTED GODDAMNIT :( Addictive personalities suck :() and just started chill-outing.
I have a trampoline and people went jumping on it, we took pictures and laughed and had fun. Same with the swings.
Then we sat outside, on the patio, did more hookah, some people smoked regular cigarettes. Boys took tequila-shots, I walked around, talked to people.
As time progressed we did more hookah.. And at one point we went upstairs and stood on the balcony and started talking about our relationships with Hendrik, Kaspar and Anette. Then we went on my bed and GROUPSEX. Yeah. Anyways. At some point someone found Orkut(!!!) and we left each other scraps and testimonials and stuff. And then went and did more hookah and tried to Moonwalk and all that junk.
At one point I grew bored and we got into my car and went to see how far the road goes. It didn't go far and we soon returned. (Peale seda, kui Kaspar oli 100km/h sisse tampinud mu vaesesse Suzukisse :()
Eeh. What else. Oddly enough no one fell asleep. Except Morten XD But he soon woke up. And the end result was me, Hendrik, KAspar, Tiiu, Helena all in one bed. HELENA HAS POINTY BONES :( FUCKING MODELS. And trying to sleep. Uh. When I finally DID fall asleep they fucking woke me up so I could drive them to the bus-stop. :( (JOBUD)

Oh, one thing I didn't mention. I was the only person who didn't drink and my voice just went hoarse and disappeared and everybody made fun of me :(

I finally fell asleep around 8am and got woken up around 1pm :(

Also: I had a fucking tick in/on my head last night! I had an itch and scratched and felt something, when it didn't come off I was like "HOLEE SHIT GUYS I HAVE A TICK! DO I HAVE A TICK? CHECK IF I HAVE A TICK?!" First one to run away was Hendrik. PUSSY. But Kaspar and Anette quickly came to the resque. "IT IS A TICK!" and then they ordered me to sit down and at first Kaspar tried but couldn't get it out and then Anette discovered that she has nails and pulled it out :D Eee! Yeap.
Today, when I woke up I discovered a bee-bite on my lip. WHAT THE FUCK. It hurt and itched at the same time :(

Kõik. Sobis?


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